Submitted by: Pia V.

We heard about this company by accident. My cousin, who has only one window in his studio apartment, told us about it. Even with only doing one window, he got first-class treatment.
We have more windows than my cousin—many more. For example, one of our three floors needed 28 window shades. We made an appointment.

The owner of the company came to our home. She measured everything twice.

I am writing this review only after everything has been done and finished. The blinds are of the highest quality and the service was professional.

We had a couple of things adjusted, and she fixed everything. The fixes were small, but she made everything just right for us.

Such personal service you just don’t find these days.


I fully recommend this company for any window shade project, small or large. Kudos to Oleg.
Thank you, Piper.