Are Wood Shutters Worth It? Explore the Benefits for Your Bellevue Home


Made in the Shade Bellevue brings the showroom directly to your doorstep in Bellevue, Issaquah, Redmond, Kirkland, Mercer Island, Sammamish, Medina, and Preston. Our experts provide free in-home consultations to help you choose the perfect window treatments for your home. Request a Free In-Home Consultation today and discover the timeless elegance of exterior wood shutters.

Wood Shutters with Casing

Real Wood shutters are not just window coverings; they are a long-term investment in your property. Known for their durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, interior shutters offer numerous benefits that make them a worthwhile addition to any home. Here’s why you should consider them for your Bellevue area home:

Timeless Beauty

Wood shutters provide a classic look that complements any décor style—from traditional to modern. The natural grain and warm tones of natural wood add a touch of organic beauty to your space, enhancing the overall ambiance.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Wooden window shutters are excellent insulators. During the colder months, they help keep your home warm by reducing heat loss through windows. In the summer, they can be adjusted to block out excessive sunlight, keeping your home cooler and saving on air conditioning costs.

Increased Property Value

Investing in high-quality wooden shutters can increase the resale value of your home. They are a desirable feature for homebuyers, thanks to their durability and aesthetic appeal.

Superior Light Control and Privacy

Mount shutters offer superior control over light and privacy. The adjustable slats allow you to modify the amount of filtered light entering the room and control visibility from the outside, ensuring your privacy is always protected.

Low Maintenance

Wood shutter louvers are easy to maintain. They require only occasional dusting and cleaning to keep them looking their best. Unlike other window treatments, they don’t need regular replacements and are less likely to get damaged easily.

Customizable Options

At Made in the Shade Bellevue, we provide faux wood shutters that are customizable to your specific needs. Choose from a variety of wood types, stains, and finishes to match your home’s interior. Our professional measuring and installation services ensure a perfect fit every time. With the option to add a divider rail, you can control the light and privacy in your space. These shutters are designed to open and close easily, allowing you to adjust them according to your preferences.

Are wood shutter style worth it? Absolutely! They are a beautiful, efficient, and practical solution that will enhance the comfort and style of your home for years to come. Made in the Shade Bellevue offers a wide range of options in wood and style shutters, including the latest in cordless lift and motorization technology that integrates seamlessly with home automation systems.

We invite you to experience the difference with a Free In-Home Consultation. Our experts will bring samples directly to your home, helping you visualize how shutters wood shutters can transform your space. Call us today at 425-638-4800 to schedule your appointment.

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